Woomax is the app for those who are proud of their size. Our user-friendly interface and advanced features make connecting with potential matches a breeze. Enjoy our card-based matching feature as well as our vibrant community section, and chat with your matches in real-time using our seamless call function. You can also express your emotions by sending virtual gifts. Join our community of like-minded individuals today and experience the world of overweight dating like never before!

Gift for you

Take your online interactions to the next level with Woomax’s virtual gifting feature. From heartfelt messages to whimsical animations, send your matches a personalized present that showcases your unique style and preferences. With a variety of virtual gifts to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one that captures your sentiment and makes your interactions even more memorable.

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Calling Feature

Connect with potential matches in real-time using Woomax’s seamless call function. Whether you want to have a quick chat or a lengthy conversation, our app allows you to express yourself through voice and tone, making your interactions more authentic and intimate. With our calling feature, you can break the ice with your matches and experience a more natural and human connection. So why wait? Start making meaningful connections with Woomax today!

Features from the woomax

Card-based Matching

Discover potential matches on our app, based on your interests and preferences.

Vibrant Community

Join our lively community of like-minded individuals and share your experiences

Calling Feature

Chat with your matches in real-time using our seamless call function.  

Virtual Gifts

Express your emotions by sending virtual gifts to your matches.

User-friendly Interface

Enjoy a smooth and intuitive experience with our easy-to-navigate app

Personalized Profile

Create a personalized profile that showcases your unique personality and preferences  

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